GoPro sailing and snorkeling in Puerto Rico

On our trip to Puerto Rico this winter, besides my Canon 5D mark ii we also took along our new GoPro video camera hoping to test its ability in regards to time-lapses and video quality. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the quality of the image is very good and having such a wide angle is fun to work with. You may know that GoPro cameras do not have a LCD screen so viewing what you have filmed or captured is not possible until loading the files back onto the computer. I found that despite what sounded like a nuisance at first, this “feature” in fact turned out to be just the opposite. I was able to be less constrained by focusing on the perfect composition and was pulled in by the spontaneity and excitement of not knowing just how the image would turn out. While not a great option as your only camera, and no substitute for a professional SLR by any means, I think I may be doing more and more with my GoPro in the days to come.

This movie is a compilation of some of our adventures…

And as always, don’t forget to watch in 1080p 🙂