Funny Juggler

I just recently received a request for some of my 2010 Tanana Valley State Fair photos. On one of my visits to the fair this year I was lucky enough to see Paul Isaak’s juggling skit. It was evening and the sunset that night was particularly spectacular so I decided that a few photos during his fire juggling skit might come out quite nice.

funny juggler Paul Isaac at 2010 TVSFIt was difficult to get both the detail on Paul’s face and clothes as he was back lit. I also did not want to use flash as this would have ruined to feeling to the photographs. The answer presented itself when Paul lit up his juggling stick and the flame lit is face and body quite well. I was still hand holding the camera without an image stabilized lens so getting the proper exposure was more difficult requiring me to bump my ISO to 800. On my Canon 20D an ISO of 800 produces a photo with a fair amount of noise. So these photos are only suitable for smaller prints and web use.

funny juggler Paul Isaac at 2010 TVSF