DeRaps family portraits in Florida

While down in Florida for the holidays Meagan and I had lots of time to hang out with her family and do some pretty cool things, one of which was go and watch cirque du soleil at Disney. I have never been more enraptured by a show than I was while watching cirque du soleil. It was a 3 hr show and I tried not to blink through the whole event.

Another great thing about getting the family together is it gives me a chance to work on my photography. We spent thanksgiving with Meagan’s grandmother and while we had most everyone together we headed to a local park and took some fun family shots. Now keep in mind this was done with no flash and all natural lighting. It was getting late in the evening so the warm light was caused by the setting sun.


We had a lot of fun playing with different poses and locations but my two favorites were lined up on a flipped over boat (above) and then playing in the reeds down by the pond (bellow).


Sometimes the best photos come from not controlling the situation. In the reeds my lovely family decided to start shaking the seeds into Derek’s face. I like these shots the most because they show the playfulness that these siblings have with each other at every opportunity.



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