Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice

Total Lunar Eclipse Alaska

Lunar Eclipse- f/8 1/100 sec ISO 100

Many Alaskans braved temperatures pushing -35 F on Monday to watch an incredibly rare astronomical event. We had a total lunar eclipse between 9:20 PM and Midnight on the Solstice or very near to it anyways. So not only was it the longest night of the year, but it also was pushed into further darkness by the blocking out of the Moon!

I put this composite together from two images I took of the eclipse from around 9:50 PM

Alaska Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse on the solstice- f/4.5 30.0 sec. ISO 100



One thought on “Lunar Eclipse on the Solstice

  1. This is a totally awesome photo. We LOVE it! Wish I could have seen the eclipse as well. Your photos really make it magical/mystical.

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