Downhill racing

downhill racing utah

Bountiful Bomber downhill bike race - f/8 1/800 sec ISO 400

Downhill racing has been a large part of my life the last few years in Utah. I competed in the Utah Downhill Race Series in 2008 and 2009. I did quite well in 2008 coming in first place for the sport division and bumping into semi-pro in 2009 riding a Giant Glory DH. I was not able to compete in all the series races unfortunately due to job scheduling and other adventures but I still feel I placed well coming in 4th-6th nearly every race.

The downhill racing is something I miss greatly living in Alaska now as that scene has not made as much of an impact on us northern folk (Canada excluded). Although I just heard that Anchorage recently held a downhill race at Alyeska this past month. This may be something to look into further down the line and perhaps some communication with moose mountain in Fairbanks to open up their slopes for trail development.

All that aside, I thought I would share this image of a downhill racer I took near the finish line at the 2008 Bountiful Bomber race in Utah. I unfortunately do not know the racers name (if anyone can inform me that would be great, give credit where credit is due!).



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