Red Fox in the City

Red Fox in FairbanksWhile driving through downtown Fairbanks the other day I spotted this little red fox trying to cross an empty clearing. He was shy and you could tell that he was more than a little weary about crossing a big field without any cover. I pulled my Jeep over got out and started shooting from behind a snow berm from about 300 ft so that he would not be disturbed.

A few things that helped get this shot were my Canon 20D’s 1.6x crop sensor which allowed my 200mm lens to act like a 320mm lens and create a much better zoom range. Another trick that helps to shoot brightly lit snow scenes is to overexpose your images by 1-2 stops. This is needed to get nice bright white snow as opposed to the gray that point and shoot images come out looking like.


Well I deffinately felt that one this morning. According to the USGS a magnitude 5.4 earthquake hit around 100 or so miles north of Anchorage at about 4 a.m. They say animals can feel them coming and there is deffinately something to that because both my dogs were up making noise right before it hit. No damage that I know of yet and I slept the rest of the night just fine.