Wedding Rings

It’s been a long time coming but Meagan and I finally have real wedding rings in addition to our tattoos. I thought I would share them with you all in photo. Meagan’s was found in an antique shop in Coo’s Bay, Oregon on our trip up to Alaska from Utah. It is white gold with a small diamond inset in a heart. The engraving has always made us laugh, it says “Forever yours -Tumor”. Meagan recently surprised me on our 2nd anniversary with a Damascus steel ring from a local shop here in Fairbanks. In keeping with the spirit of the engraving she had “Forever yours – Squash” etched on the inside.

wedding rings on cushion



One thought on “Wedding Rings

  1. Awesome photos of your rings! Artsy and soooo very professional! Great to contrast the metal with the textures of fabric, wood, and stone. Well done!!!!

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