Returning Geese

It’s that time of year again when the roads begin to melt and with that, all the accumulated trash from the winter that has been cryogenically frozen begins to thaw and reanimate itself to be blown around by passing cars. It is Spring! Smells have started to return, some good, some better left alone. Along with the warmer weather the light is also quickly defeating the darkness, giving us over 14 hours of daylight to play in and enjoy. For me, however, these past few evenings, the light has also meant insomnia. I am writing this from a sleepy stupor after what seems like 72 hours without rest. This needs to stop.

But on to what this post was originally about. The geese will soon be back from their southern sojourn, feeding and breeding and telling all of us in the north that summer is just around the corner.

Geese walking in front of trees

Geese walking in single file in front of the fall trees



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