The New Look

Alaska Fireweed Bloom

Well I have finally gotten around to integrating my blog and my website. The idea will be to keep everyone informed in a way that won’t require looking at multiple sites. I used a round about method called simplepie, because it is as simple as pie of course, but let me tell you for an amateur self taught web designer like myself, it took me all day to set this one up. Although it turned out the real problem was that and simplepie do not get along really well and so in order for me to get full text rss I had to send my feeds through a 3rd party rss full text creator.

For anyone looking to create a website with no background knowledge of how to do so, and simply trying to do it on your own with no help/classes, I would recommend having a lot of time on your hands. And occasionally putting on some nice music and grabbing a glass of wine when you are really hitting a bog.

All that aside I would really like to hear what you all think of the new look. Do you like it more? Is it easier to navigate the site? What would you like to see to make it better? Let me know, all of your comments would be appreciated.

I hope you can all get out and enjoy what we have left of summer




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